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What is this life about...?
the truth about living is this
Bridgett Tulloh | speaker & life coach
We are creators of our experiences.

We are either unconsciously or consciously creating at all times.

Often effortlessly, sometimes actively.

We can go forth either in love and positivity or fear and negativity.
Where is life taking you right now?  Where are you directing your life?
Do you feel there is something missing?
Is there a way to get a clearer direction?
What do you really and truly want?

you're in the right place if...
1 - you've ever read and loved gabrielle bernstein, jim rohn, tim ferriss, eckhart tolle or wayne dyer
2 - you've ever felt a deeper connection to life, beauty, nature, your spirit or God (or how you refer to that higher power)
3 - you love real life stories and insights about how beautiful and challenging this world can be
4 - you love creating a vision for your life, meditation or visualization
5 - you seek worthy inspiration and connection